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Join us for another great show in our concert series. Rico Martinez was born into a musical family here in the San Francisco Bay area. Music was the glue in his family and was present at every gathering or function. It was only a matter of time until he would start his journey as a musical artist and continue the tradition and legacy his family had created.

At the age of 8, Rico started playing the trumpet (following in the footsteps of an older cousin) but shortly switched to the alto saxophone at the age of 9 because it was his mother’s favorite instrument. He eventually switched to the tenor saxophone and began playing in the family salsa band at the age of 14 and still does today.

It wasn’t until his mid-20s, that Rico discovered his smooth R&B/soulful voice. Rico would sing at local karaoke bars which is where he began to notice that everyone in the bar would stop whatever they were doing to listen the moment he started singing. One night,  amazing songwriter and producer Mikel London heard Rico singing karaoke and approached him afterwords with a proposition to record one of his newest songs. “When Love Is No More” was recorded and released shortly thereafter with Mr. London and only confirmed that Rico’s “Golden Voice” was meant to be heard through the gift of music.

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